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Today, before settling somewhere, more and more of us want to experience a nomadic adventure in a van while pursuing a digital professional activity.

When we travel, the digital nomads that we are, are looking for inspiring places and exclusive addresses where to stay for a few days or several weeks to better organize our professional obligations.

The desired basic criteria are :

  • A good network connection
  • A pleasant environment
  • Access to water and possibly electricity

But each place can offer other services to make the stopover pleasant.

Living places are changing. Today we are looking for ways to live differently.
The new nomads are the creators of new ecological and humanist living spaces of tomorrow and the guardians of a place of nature.

The proposal of VIVRE TINY is to group together nice addresses of places and put you in touch with exclusive addresses to weave a network of respectful hosts and nomads.

Nomads or digital nomads, register to this list to receive addresses where to stay.


You are a host

You like new encounters and you want to offer your place to welcome new nomads in simplicity by suggesting a nice area on your land and any additional services. Contact us to discuss it or even help you create a camper area for digital nomads.

Become a host to welcome vanlifers, digital nomads or rent your land for a Tiny House

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